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Tianjian Company was invited to participate in the 10th Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Time: 2018-08-30

On August 23, 6 people from Tianjian's engineering, technology, sales and other departments were invited to participate in the 10th Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition under the leadership of assistant general manager Zhou Wencheng. General manager Li Yuanxi made a special trip to the exhibition site .

With the industrial upgrading and technological progress of the chemical industry, the requirements for chemical equipment and technology are getting higher and higher. In order to strengthen industry exchanges, the tenth Shanghai International Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd. is jointly organized by the China Chemical Enterprise Management Association and the China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association. Technical Equipment Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 23-25, with more than 800 exhibitors and more than 40,000 managers, engineering technicians, and marketers from related industries participating. Everyone exchanged technology and equipment extensively. Information, sharing upstream and downstream resources.

During the exhibition, the participants of Tianjian Company focused on the related technologies and application prospects of evaporators, distillation equipment, drying equipment, and powder conveying equipment in light of the characteristics of the enterprise and the direction of research and development. Carry out technical exchanges with industry units, listen to cutting-edge technical lectures held by well-known experts in the chemical equipment industry, and promote company products, technologies and engineering construction cases to tourists. This exhibition has a high level, a large amount of information, and a lot of gains. The most prominent theme of the exhibition is "innovation". Through innovation, the technological content and automation of equipment are improved. High-tech equipment is the current market hot spot. High automation in the chemical equipment industry will be the future development trend of the industry.

Tianjian Company conducted technical exchanges with more than 20 companies in the industry at the exhibition, distributed more than 30 promotional materials to tourists and promoted the company, and visited nearly 10 client units.

(Contributed by Chen Pingqiang of Tianjian Company, Zhou Wencheng's photography, review draft, edited by Wang Tao)

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