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Rake type vacuum dryer

Rake type vacuum dryer is a new type of horizontal vacuum drying equipment developed by our company on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology. The material of the contact material in the equipment is made of stainless steel or bismuth glass. It is completely applicable to the drying of corrosive materials. The production technology is advanced, the floor space is smaller than the fluidized dryer, the energy consumption is lower, the production capacity is large, the output quality is good, the efficiency is high, and the energy saving and environmental protection are achieved. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, drying of paste, paste, paste materials.

Working principle:

The device adopts a large-area interlayer heating method with large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency. Pneumatic equipment, open the heat source inlet valve for heating, and the wet material is heated to dry the cylinder through the inlet. When the dryer is working, the spindle drives the uniform rakes under vacuum to disperse, stir, layer and dry. The material is continuously moved up, dispersed and stirred by the leaves. It is fully in contact with the surface of the heat receiver wall and is uniformly heated to accelerate drying. After the water is vaporized, it is pumped out by vacuum pumping vacuum pump to avoid surface coloration and agglomeration when the material is dry. The drying time is greatly shortened, and the productivity is improved only for about 2/3 of the time that the similar materials are dried in a vacuum oven. It is especially suitable for the drying of hazardous materials and heat sensitive materials which are corrosive and easily oxidized, and does not destroy the crystal structure during the drying process. The dried material is removed through a specially designed high-sealing discharge port and packaged directly after cooling. Our company can increase the vibrating device according to customer requirements and configure special filtering forms according to different materials. Provide customers with more comprehensive technical support and services.

Equipment introduction:

The equipment body is horizontal cylindrical type, and the two ends are supporting frame, sealing and transmission system. The cylinder is divided into three parts: the inner tank, the jacket and the insulation layer. The structure of the machine mainly includes stirring jaws, inner shaft heating using rotary joints in and out, drying cylinder, heat source inlet, condensate drain, sealing end cover, uniform speed transmission device, safety valve, vacuum port, feeding port, pressure gauge, Pneumatic discharge port, intelligent control box, pulse dust collector and other components. The horizontal structure of the whole machine, all equipment components are integrated on the steel frame, and the heating medium can be hot water, steam or heat transfer oil. The overall design is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the whole machine runs smoothly and stably.

Technical specifications:

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