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Double cone rotary vacuum dryer

working principle:

During the drying work, the inside of the tank is in a vacuum state, and the jacket is heated by hot water (or steam, thermal oil). As the tank body rotates at a low speed, the material continuously moves up and down in the tank, and the inside and outside form a "diamond-shaped track" movement and absorb evaporation. The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum pipeline to achieve the purpose of material drying. While drying the mixture, according to customer requirements, built-in spraying, filtering, crushing and other devices can achieve its multi-function operation.

Application field:

This equipment is suitable for powder and granular materials with a moisture content of ≤30% and is widely used in medicine, chemicals, pesticides, veterinary medicine, printing and dyeing, petrochemicals, electronics, new materials and other industries.

Introduction of equipment:

The company is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to design and develop double-cone rotary vacuum dryers. At present, it is a domestic sintering workshop of this model and has a type III pressure manufacturing container manufacturer. The product can reach the GMP acceptance standards of Class 10, Class 100, Class 10,000 and has passed FDA verification. The liner material of this equipment can be used: stainless steel, titanium alloy, glass lined, steel lined with plastic, the appearance can be made as: paint, overall stainless steel.

Ordering instructions:

1. The rotation power is designed according to the material bulk density <1

2. The above dimensions are for reference only. The specific figures are subject to the factory completion drawings.

3. The equipment can be customized by customers, from 20L to 1000L (glass lined liner, stainless steel liner) can be customized.

4. Our company provides test equipment to welcome customers to carry out material testing. At the same time, our company provides rotary evaporator with advanced invention patent laboratory.

  Technical Data Sheet:

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