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User name Equipment name
Nanjing Red Sun Biochemical Co., Ltd. More than 70 units such as condenser, reboiler, cooler, rectification second tower, sulfuric acid receiving tank, ammoniation liquid storage tank, storage tank, etc.
Nanjing Aokai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Epichlorohydrin dehydration tower, epichlorohydrin rectification tower, dichloromethane recovery tower, epoxy recovery tower, saponification tower, etc.
Hebei Zhuotai Fertilizer Co., Ltd. More than 60 sets of reboilers, condensers, epoxy storage tanks, saponification liquid storage tanks, recovery tower reflux tanks, air buffer tanks, oil-water separators, preheaters, circulation tanks, lye absorption towers, etc.
Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Esterification kettle, esterification condenser, alkali preparation tank, water washing kettle, desolvation kettle, wastewater separator, esterification tower, gas stripping tower, steam stabilization tank, blue filter, desolvation condenser, polyester acrylic More than 200 sets of reaction kettle, tube heat exchanger, finished product tank, multi-effect evaporator, etc.
Chifeng Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Synthesis pot, feed tank, mother liquor metering tank, vacuum protection tank, exhaust gas cryocooler, ozone oxidation tower, synthetic condensate hydraulic feed tank, sub-cylinder, stainless steel heat exchanger, cooling separator, acidification kettle, recovery tower, evaporation crystallization tank , Evaporator reboiler, acetaldehyde finished product storage tank, filter, drying kettle, alcohol evaporation pot, condensate tank, glass-lined chromatography column, hydrolysis intermediate tank, clear liquid tank, etc.
Shanghai Mi Shi Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. Vacuum unit, air separator, horizontal separator, etc.
Huaian Hengyang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Hydrogenation kettle, metering tank, etc.
Jiangsu Guangxin Dongteng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Ammonia absorption tower
Anhui Guoxing Biochemical Co., Ltd. Reactor, synthesis kettle, crystallization kettle, hydrobromic acid solution measuring tank, hydrochloric acid measuring tank, absorption tank, organic phase tank, steel-lined PTFE storage tank, gas stripping tower feed heat exchanger, recovery tower, crystallization recovery kettle, Nitrogen buffer tank, esterification liquid condenser, oxidation tower condenser, external circulation heater, distillation tank condenser, oxidation reactor, rectification tower reboiler, gas stripping tower reboiler, etc.
Shanghai Diwei Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. 24 heat exchangers
Nanjing Hegong Intelligent Environmental Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd. Exhaust gas washing tower, concentration tower, condensation tower, concentrated liquid heater, condensate cooler, slurry cooler, filtrate tank, slurry tank, sump, etc.
Jiangsu Kelunduo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. Multi-effect evaporation equipment, enamel evaporator, glass-lined reactor
Hebei Jiaao Glycerin Chemical Co., Ltd. Alkali absorption tower, condensate receiving tank, HCL buffer tank, kettle residual evaporation tank, liquid shrinkage evaporation tank, analysis oil-water separator, etc.
Jiangsu Kailin New Material Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Mist eliminator, polymerization kettle, titration tank, condenser, condensation column, water distribution tank, cart tank, water seal, precooler, adsorber, dryer, separator, etc.
Jiangsu Aogu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Debranching tank, transfer tank, decolorization tank, crystallization tank, conversion tank, crystallization tank, cycloethane storage tank, cycloethane metering tank, etc.
Hunan Kailin Yanfeng Tower Coating Co., Ltd. 30 sets of resin-related equipment, dilution kettle, water separator, condenser, dilution kettle, stainless steel reaction kettle, carbon steel storage tank, stainless steel dropping tank

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